About Meadowlark Farm

Meadowlark Farm Orchard and Cidery was started by my wife and I (Tom and Gina Brown) in 2010, with the help of many friends. We have planted about 4000 peach and apple trees and our fruit is sold fresh as well as used to make hard cider; we are unique from other cideries as our cider is from apples grown ourselves. Our orchard has many varieties of peaches and apples (check Facebook for current availability), and our store has hard cider (5% alcohol) on tap and fresh pressed sweet cider (no alcohol) in October. We also grow strawberries for harvest in May. We sell what we grow at our farm and also the Old Town Farm and Art Market in central Wichita. Our pumpkin patch is also “pick-your-own”, as we grow pumpkins here as well. We welcome visitors to the farm all year round. Come pick-your-own fruit, or come out for a draft, snacks, nature trail, goats and games. We want to help your family and friends enjoy nature and create fun memories.



  • Grow delicious, healthy food for our customers
  • Practice careful land stewardship and consciencious crop husbandry
  • Support and collaborate with local farmers and businesses
  • Commit to unique standards of estate cideries
  • Be a place of honest and creative work
  • Provide a place in Kansas nature to walk, play, drink, eat and enjoy family and friends


Gina and I are both Kansas natives but lived for many years outside of the US where I worked in agriculture development in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Gina provided health care. We have three adult children that we are very proud of and we are very thankful to have been blessed with rich lives of creative work and friends from all over the world. We love the good people of Kansas and we really enjoy our customers at the farm!

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