Hard Cider


HARD CIDER from Kansas Apples

It takes a full year to make a bottle of hard cider. We produce it from juice of fresh-crushed apples, then ferment with cider yeast to produce a refreshing drink with an alcohol content of around 5%. Grown, made and bottled all at Meadowlark Farm.

Our cidery is the only local estate cidery that produces from apples that we crush ourselves. We are federally and state licensed and sell from our farm as well as other locations.

Hard cider is not beer and contains absolutely NO gluten. Favorite flavors are Red (sweet), Gold (dry), Hopper, Peach blend, Strawberry blend, Blackberry blend, sours and spiced.

Hard Cider Flavors

Meadowlark RED is the most popular of our flagship, always-available ciders. Slightly sweet with a clear apple flavor.

Meadowlark GOLD is our dry flagship. With a satisfying hint of apple, it pairs well with meats and is an excellent thirst quencher.

Our MEADOW HOPPER is fresh and citric. This flagship contains hops, so it’s closest to an IPA a cider can get.

Sturnella Reserve & our Fine Ciders

Sturnella Reserve ciders are our specialty flavors that change with seasons and demand. Popular ones are peach blend, blackberry blend, strawberry blend, bourbon barrel, and spiced. Our Fine ciders are premium ciders that boast specific apple varieties, are still (not carbonated), and a favorite of wine lovers.

Purchasing Cider

Seven varieties are available on tap in our farm store. Enjoy a glass or a flight with games or a picnic. All bottled varieties are available at the farm with discounts available for full-case purchases. We also sell bottles at the Old Town Farm and Art Market in central Wichita on Saturday mornings. Online purchase options are under development.

We love to boast about our local business partners:

Wichita – 

  • Central Standard Brewing Co.
  • The Monarch Restaurant
  • R & J Discount Liquor
  • Davis Liquor
  • Auburn Wine & Spirits
  • Redbird Sandwich Co.
  • Lightner Liquor
  • Game Time Wine & Spirits

Nearby – 

  • First Man Brewery (Derby)
  • The Holiday Bowl (Augusta)
  • Spauldings Sports Bar & Grill (Andover)
  • Bing Brothers Wine, Liquor, Beer (Winfield)
  • Walnut River Brewing Co. (El Dorado)


We have about 2000 apple trees with over 20 varieties.  When the weather is good, this produces all we need for fresh picking and for cider production. Late frosts or storms can decrease our harvest however, and during those times we supplement from northern Kansas orchards.

Our orchard has a lot of different kinds of apples; many are for fresh eating or baking, but many varieties are for our hard cider. Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Cox Orange Pippin, Ashmead’s Kernel, Binet Rouge, Wickson Crab, Golden Hornet Crab, and others are part of our cider-apple selection.

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