School Field Trips

Field Trips to Meadowlark Farm Orchard & Cidery

Meadowlark Farm collaborates with Grassland Groupies to provide high-quality educational field trips that are tailored to specific age groups and needs.

Objectives focus on  the grassland biome, Kansas habitats, food production, farm life, apples, etc. Curriculums are developed to meet instructional goals.

 To ensure safety, we request 1 adult for every 5 children. Bring layered clothing to adjust to changing temperatures and wear solid shoes (not sandles). Grassland Groupie guides will lead the way on the nature trail, and into the orchard and grassy areas. Groups will also utilize the picnic shelter and playground and are encouraged to bring their own snacks and water. 

Field trips usually take about 2 hours. The cost is $14 per child and 1 free adult for every 5 children. Additional adults will also be charged $14. Email with questions regarding the farm. He will forward you to Grassland Groupies for specific discussions regarding learning objectives. 

About Grassland Groupies

Grassland Groupies is proud to partner with Meadowlark Farm to provide hand-on tours exploring the farm and surrounding landscape. These educational programs follow Kansas Next Generation Science Standards and use child-guided curiosity to explore prairie, woodland, and orchard habitats to discover the plants and animals that call the farm home. Students will take home knowledge about how local food is produced as well as local, handpicked fruit (when available) to enjoy themselves. 

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