(You can't get more local than this.)


In addition to our year-round hard cider, and seasonal produce, we produce several other delicious products from our own ingredients.

  • Jams – strawberry, peach, & blends with raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and jalapeno.
  • Vinegar – one-of-a-kind apple-peach cider vinegar; many health benefits!
  • Salsa – made with our own tomatoes and peaches
  • Mustard – this delicious sweet-spicy mustard uses our hard cider, our own vinegar, along with local honey.
  • Apple butter – very yummy!
  • Donuts & Baked goodsmade seasonally; favorites include apple-cider donuts, chocolate-pumpkin cake, and strawberry tortes.
  • Hard Cider – of course!
  • Sweet Cider – October availability when we crush our apple harvest. It is the freshest and best sweet cider in Kansas. Raw, not pasteurized.
  • Smoking Wood – Peach and apple. 
  • ONLINE SALES are in progress!

Products from other local farmers

We actively seek out other local farmers to support. These products are usually in stock:

  • Goat-milk soap from Baumwerk Farm
  • Cheese from Wiebe Dairy
  • Goat cheese from Elderslie Farm
  • Sausage products from Walnut Valley Meat
  • Honey from American Bee Keeping
  • Eggs from Baumwerk Farm and Johnson’s Farm (seasonal)
  • Produce from Griggs Brothers Farm (seasonal)

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