Please check our FaceBook page for the most current information on fruit that is ripe and ready to pick. 

Strawberries can usually be picked in May. (2024 crop is small, so will only be sold at the Old Town farmers’ market on Saturdays, sorry… we are even more disappointed than you are!)

Peaches start at the end of June with cling varieties. Free-stone or non-cling varieties start in July and go through August. 

Apples start with one variety ready in July and the other twenty varieties ripening in August through October. 

Some seasons our crops are limited due to drought or frost, so check FaceBook or call 316 518-8907.

Instructions for Picking Fruit

We provide baskets and clamshells for strawberries and bags and buckets for peaches and apples. Strawberries cost per clamshell, while peaches and apples cost per pound. We also have wagons for large volumes (or for kids)! There is no need to bring your own bags/buckets/baskets or ladders, but we do recommend wearing solid shoes. Entrance is $2.50 for ages 13 and over whether or not you join in the picking, as this covers many other costs – like restrooms. Kids under 13 are free. Payment is at the end of your stay, we will add up your tab for a single charge. We prefer cash, but also accept debit and credit cards. 

Varieties Calendar

MAY – Strawberries

JUNE – Peaches begin at the end of June (these are cling varieties).

JULY – free-stone peach varieties include Red Haven, White County, Blaze Prince; apples begin with the Pristine variety. 

AUGUST – more free-stone peaches to include Contender, Carolina Gold, China Pearl, Encore, Flame Prince; apples increase to Zestar, Gala and Pixie Crunch.

SEPTEMBER – apples in prime are Jonathan, Honey Crisp, Early Fuji, Empire (a Macintosh family), Jonagold’s begin.

OCTOBER – apples continue with Late Fuji, Gold Rush and Arkansas Black; and…PUMPKINS!

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